Rob currently serves as the President of Owner Media Group Inc, a publishing and media company focused on sustainable relationship minded business.  He also co-founder of Owner, a digital magazine equipping the new business revolution with the business curriculum of your future.

Rob has been working with humans for 20 years.  He has led businesses and organizations large and small, serving children and families throughout New England.  Most recently, Rob was at the helm of a non-profit organization in Western Maine serving children with special needs and their families.  His entreprenurial spirit helped create new programs and a new facility, leading the organization through the largest growth in its 30 year history.

Rob’s experience extends to positions of leadership throughout the State of Maine.  He has earned appointments by the Education Commissioner and Speaker of the House to co-chair a legislative committee and served as a member of Maine’s Task Force on Early Childhood.

Since 2006, Rob has trained professionals throughout Maine in Touchpoints, Dr. T. Berry Brazelton’s approach to working with children and families.  Rob recently joined the national training team at the Brazelton Touchpoints Center and has served as chair of the National Touchpoints Conference.


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