Three Words – 2011

I’ve been a bit busy over at Human Business Works since I joined in August of 2010 and we are working hard to grow peoples capabilities. The real thrust behind everything we do over there is about looking for opportunities to lift people up, provide opportunities for them to learn, connect, share and be successful.

The work that I am doing there is somewhat new to me in that it’s a different industry but it is also very familiar to me. My prior work was working with children and families where I was supporting the growth of professionals who serve them and creating environments for them to be successful. Interestingly enough I still find myself doing that in this role, not the children and families part, but supporting the growth of professionals. We’re also creating environments for people to grow and be successful. The big difference, is that the folks I work with and I, don’t necessarily share a common language, we have to discover it. I have a lot of listening to do. I have a lot of learning to do.

This is the thrust of my Three Words for 2011.

Frames – In my work with the team at HBW I am going to be focusing on frames. Frames are necessary to build. They help us to build a common understanding of our business goals, our relationship. Frames support the structure of what we’re building. Frames provide the parameters in which we are working and serve to outline our mutual expectations of not only what we’re trying to accomplish, but how.

Fire – Passion and execution are the elements of this word for me in 2011. Passion drives our organization. Just spend 5 minutes with Estrella Rosenberg at 501MissionPlace, Joe Sorge at Kitchen Table Companies, or Josh Fisher our new Creative Director and you will get a sense of the passion and fire I’m talking about.
My role is to recognize it, find ways to tend to it and support its purpose. That’s where execution comes in. A useful purpose for fire is used to forge. Fire is built on passion is a great first step, but we can’t loose site of how to use it.

Masters – I want to spend 2011 learning from Masters. I have the good fortune of working with one of them. Actually, I have the good fortune of working with many of them. In 2011 I want to spend time getting to know more people, sitting with folks, listening and learning from Masters.

I learn a ton in a five minute conversation with Jon Swanson or by reading one of his posts. Part of this will be reading, listening and watching to find masters. You can bet that this applies to appreciating the mastery that emerges from my children and my wife.
I also have an ongoing list of folks I’d like to meet in 2011. I bet you’re on it.

So, there you have it. My Three Words for 2011. Stay tuned and thanks for stopping by

A note and preview: One of the Masters who I’ll be talking a lot about here is world renown pediatrician, Dr. T. Berry Brazelton, who is a master at relationships and a master of observation (I quite think the two are connected).


  • Sal

    January 16, 2011

    I like #1. If you think about frames in terms of windows, they can also give you a great view or perspective into our out of a situation. Just another way to look at the word. Again, a necessary building block to any infrastructure.

    Your #3 hits home as well.

    Great words Rob!

  • rob

    January 17, 2011

    I like the ‘frames in terms of windows’ and the perspective it can provide. I can see why #3 hits home. I’m glad you’re part of our team.

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